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Because legends are told about us and they are believed in. We are mentioned in conversations with competitors and praised in front of friends. Articles about us can be found in newspapers and magazines, we are mentioned on radio and television, and our names are in stories and novels. And the fact that there are many famous personalities among our clients and friends only strengthens the impression of our legendary.
In 2003, our company initiated the inaugural sales of artificial acrylic marble products, widely recognized as “Corian,” within the boundaries of Azerbaijan. Simultaneously, during that very year, we inaugurated our primary processing workshop. As a result of processing high-quality products promptly and the adept professional service we provide, we have emerged as trailblazers in the realm of artificial stone processing in Azerbaijan, steadfastly adhering to contemporary standards.

Our extensively educated team adeptly handles not only our designated tasks but also intricate collaborative projects. The efficacious execution of even the most intricate undertakings garners contentment for both our team and the collaborating companies.

Endowed with an ample wealth of experience, we have adeptly executed numerous projects encompassing the processing and utilization of artificial stone. Our assortment of completed ventures consistently expands. Prominent brands such as Dupont Corian, Lotte Staron, and LG Hi-Macs grace the list of raw materials we harness. Presently, Acriera exclusively imports products from Hanex® and Unex®, sourced from Hyundai LC in South Korea, to Azerbaijan.

To access comprehensive assistance and leverage our extensive years of experience alongside an array of opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Unlike others, it is more resistant to both natural and other influences, it has a non-combustible composition. Since it is non-porous and joins without traces, it is impossible for mold, fungus and dirt to accumulate on its surface. Scratches and chips can be repaired on site. Acrylic resin and minerals do not emit radiation like other materials. It is lightweight and easy to maintain.

Acrylic stone is a material that does not burn even when heated up to 300 degrees.

As with any material, acrylic stone can be scratched during daily use, but if you follow the instructions for use and care, you can use it reliably for many years.

Scratches, cracks and even broken parts that can occur after a lot of physical damage are completely restored on site without dismantling the workbench.


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